Anxious about how they might bring proletarian revolution to the rural peasantry, the Bolsheviks fastened upon electricity as allegorical infrastructure, emancipation from existing reality. If aesthetics could be bent along Constructivist lines, or the family widened to a collective, what terrain would not sustain Jerusalem? Experimental living is also always a rehearsal of pathos.
Reviewed Us Conductors, a very good novel about Leon Theremin, by Sean Michaels (of Said the Gramophone microfame).
The churn of Western sexual politics has always required an exotic outside against which to test and rediscover itself. When the white world had reason to celebrate chastity, people of color were imagined as sexual savages; now that whites have discovered erotic pleasure as good health, they have invented a non-white world full of genital mutilators, sexual oppressors, and homophobes. Without the energizing illogic of race, whites, like pandas, might die of their lack of interest in each other.
Hannah Black, "In a Mirror Darkly"