2. morganjeske:

    Happy 30th Anniversary PURPLE RAIN

    Warm-up sketch gone too far. I love Prince and kinda can’t believe I’ve never drawn him until now. Dig if you will…this picture (ohhhhhhhhhhhh)


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  3. frenchcinema:

    L’Année dernière à Marienbad (Alain Resnais, 1961) in color.

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  4. postfurry:

    i’m interviewing for a position as an escort at a furry club. look at this. look at this fucking fake virtual sex office.

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  5. pucci2002:

    naomi @ versace ss 1998

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  7. six 2014-ish selfies, as requested by noaesthetic. doing the same for dixiewetsworth, iamdavidbrothers and thesaddestbitchinallofspectrum (or anybody else who feels like it)


  8. fussybabybitch:

    Jock Jams Volume 5 has “Got to be Real” on it which is a song they play in every gay documentary right as they pan over the Pride Parade and then cut to a buncha queens like you cannot play that song and NOT think about what the tiles of your local truck stop bathroom feel like against your knees

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  9. dixiewetsworth:


    16 pages


    PDF format



    Strawberries is a comic about gynecological horror and boys that I drew back in spring 2013. 

    It’s been a minute - it’s pretty hard to look at for me because it was so long ago, but I put a lot into it and making this book was a really big step for me. I’ve been hoping to get it to a wider audience for a while now, but it’s so gross it was kind of hard to find hosting. I hope you like it!

    If you’re interested, Strawberries was written about by Simon Hanselmann here and Tucker Stone here

    Read my gross comic book you nerds

    YEAH DO IT I read this comic after bonding my soul to Mia forever via Scott Pilgrim hentai

  10. filmantidote:


    Twenty Years of African Cinema (1983) - dir. Férid Boughedir // Tunisia 

    This survey of African film production is derived mainly from Francophone countries. It includes interview extracts with 8 directors including Hondo, Pipa, Ganda, Balogun, Cissé and Kaboré, and clips from 18 films featuring Xala, Ceddo, and The Chapel, and others from Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Niger.

    Available on netflix instant in the US under Camera Afrique

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