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    Apotropaic dressing with @palmbae, @mayafuhr. #outtakes

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    i feel like i wrote more of these and also that i should have written less

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    I semi-bowed

    ok so it just needed to move

    oh damn

    editorial girl protoactualities

  4. i’m just a kid, and my skin is a nightmare


  5. "We need to make games cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have a mint copy of Final Fantasy VI (NOT ‘III’), including the original box and manual, don’t fuck them."
    — John Waters

  6. being forced to own U2 music is probably my biggest kink, so i’ve been fanning myself with this hat for the past week like an evil senator from alabama

  7. cityafrica:

    Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

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  8. "During my last move, I was leaving an apartment that was only a twenty minute walk away from my new apartment, so I had the bright idea to do it all myself and without a car (I don’t know how to drive.) I rigged up a dolly so that I was able to stack about twelve crates on it, held together with duct tape and string. I took trips back and forth between places, moving everything by hand over the course of a week. I was overly ambitious about how much the dolly could balance at a time, and the on one of the two dozen trips I took, the whole thing came apart in the middle of traffic. I lost a full box of Richard Corben issues to the road, plus some other stuff. An elderly Portuguese-speaking woman saw me trying to gather all my books while stopped cars honked at me. She very generously came out to help me, until she picked up a stray Shintaro Kago comic, examined the cover, and silently turned around and walked back inside of her house."
  9. beatonna:

    Wee Patrice Lumumba 


  10. "

    Just as Niagara Falls feeds power stations, in the same way the downward torrent of language into smut and vulgarity should be used as a mighty source of energy to drive the dynamo of the creative act. What poets should actually live on is a question as shameful as it is ancient, and one that up to now has been answered only with embarrassed evasiveness. Whether they look after themselves or the state assumes that risk, the result is the same: their starvation.

    For this reason, we call for a state monopoly on pornography. We demand the socialization of this not inconsiderable source of power. The state should administer this monopoly and should ensure that this literary genre is the exclusive prerogative of an elite group of important authors. Instead of a sinecure, the writer should be given a license to supply the authorities with a specified percentage of the statistically calculated demand for pornographic works. It is in the interest of neither the public nor the state to depress the price of this commodity excessively.

    — Walter Benjamin, “A State Monopoly on Pornography.”