1. wellnotwisely:

    Alexandria in motion, from Dungeon Monsters, by Carlos Nine, Joann Sfar, and Lewis Trondheim

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  2. drake sitting in that chair like nicki’s ass is weighing all his earthly deeds at the gates of the afterlife

  3. that’s me in the corner

    that’s me in the spotlight


  4. does anybody know if drake is still alive

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  6. tsunamiwavesurfing:

    i seen someone on here say “daddy spank me like an almost empty ketchup bottle” and since then i just been usin a knife to get the sauce out the bottle

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    1. lars von trier: vagina satan
    2. nerd: deep
  7. unimpressed2chainz:


    apprehensive shark would like 2 remind u of a thing

    this reads like a cautionary tale “look what happens when you read homestuck and don’t go outside” 

  8. watching josie & the pussycats again last night i realized that the villains have roughly the same strategy as buzzfeed