1. loic-locatelli:

    Onion Knight

    (Big Black & White version)

    This one is inspired by the powerful drawings
    of Angie Wang (and the last CR Fashion Book Issue)

    (via thesaddestbitchinallofspectrum)

  2. fussybabybitch:

    Parasite Eve features a section where a racist cop gets set on fire & this is simply one in a matrix of reasons why I am really sad I never played it until now.


  4. When you mentioned those maximally dissonant “black notes,” one moving example that came to mind was the DJ Sprinkles ambient-house remix of “Seashore.” A semi-ironically comforting dialogue (sampled from NYPD Blue!) is set off by snippets of creepy and spiteful Gil Scott-Heron homophobia toward drag-ball queens, but not as simple counterpoint—there’s a more insidious sense of discordant wrongness, as if giving voice to internalized self-hatred. DJ Sprinkles/Terre Thaemlitz is trans, a theorist of dance music as well as a producer—my friend Ari said that her work could be summarized by its concern for “those who were left out.” I hear something similar here, an understanding of people stranded outside one category or another.

    “Afraid”—and the whole album, really—is about the liminality of goodbad, gendered-genderless, old-young. Not a two-headed wolf but an image superimposed. “Afraid” finds metaphors for gender dysphoria in my own experience that are meant to be honest, sympathetic, and absurd. I find myself wishing away my violin, but at the same time unable to actually abandon/destroy it—see it as the metaphor for my own maleness, cognizant of the fact that my maleness/cisness disgusts me, but I’m (in my greed) unable to abandon the social and capital privileges that it comes with, nor the genitals and/or sex acts.

    I define myself as an ex-smoker, but I am just as quick to have a drag of your cigarette—see it as a metaphor for the same symptom, labelling myself as whatever is honourable, but still sucking the tit of convenience. “Punch a wall”: synonymical for the most impotent expression of rage, fist against unmoveable human construct. “Burn the boxes of your old love letters”: dramatic gesture of “redefinition,” as if history is contained within these records. “To need to see the world as ash”: same thing again—all these acts, and the acknowledgement of my “childlessness,” are meant to embrace and celebrate the very fucking thing of which The Straights accuse Us Queers: bringing about The End Of Civilization.

  5. sylvides:

    Apotropaic dressing with @palmbae, @mayafuhr. #outtakes

  6. wolfpupy:

    i feel like i wrote more of these and also that i should have written less

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  7. harinef:




    I semi-bowed

    ok so it just needed to move

    oh damn

    editorial girl protoactualities

  8. i’m just a kid, and my skin is a nightmare


  9. "We need to make games cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have a mint copy of Final Fantasy VI (NOT ‘III’), including the original box and manual, don’t fuck them."
    — John Waters

  10. being forced to own U2 music is probably my biggest kink, so i’ve been fanning myself with this hat for the past week like an evil senator from alabama