1. to write “no its becky” on her arms


  2. fussybabybitch:

    He was looking for a bath house… What he found was a bath home

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  5. harinef:

    have a date tomorrow? throw on the new aphex twin and shave your whole body

  6. beingstowarddeath:

    Secret Weapons

    dir/ Cronenberg

    I just really like this shot w/titles

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  7. miaschwartz:

    Ghost lady belonging to oscilloscopes !

  8. nickminichino:

    thanks to beautravail for providing the important news updates i need, like this one: Marc Costanzo (of Len) showed up at karaoke night at Toronto bar Bambi’s on October 1, 2014 to sing “Steal My Sunshine”

    possibly the most Canadian thing that has ever happened
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  10. periodicult:

    Andrew MacPherson for i-D magazine, October 1984.

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