1. A Field in England (Ben Wheatley, 2013)


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    A brief aside: Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) is sometimes criticized as not ‘R&B’ enough by some music writers—these writers often cite Dev’s previous work in rock band Test Icicles as indicative of some illegitimacy of intention. But Dev’s songwriting trademark—his supposed weakness—is rooted in this exact thing, the weighting of syllables. Unlike most R&B, Dev writes songs where the melody has no syncopation; they sound like hymns. Boring, perhaps, to you, but other people (myself included) hear a glorious religious calm, a stateliness.

    Similarly, think about Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid,’ where almost every note is off the beat. ‘FI-nished with my woman cause sheeee WOULDn’t help meeeee WITH myyyy LIFE.’ It’s kind of a bad melody, no? Doesn’t suit the lyrics at all, has an vaguely ESL vibe, weighted all wrong. But the song is called ‘Paranoid’ and he is singing about how you should enjoy life and how he wishes he could do the same but it’s too late. It suits the material, works great.


    Owen Pallett casually drops this gem in a great Slate article in which he uses music theory to explain the omnipresence of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” (via marathonpacks)

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    "Boring, perhaps, to you" <3 Owen

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    Fetish list


  5. best thing I discovered while trawling the great Ms. Cherry’s discography for this essay was the 1993 single where Michael Stipe raps about sex education, terribly

  6. Neneh Cherry - “Kisses on the Wind” (A Little More Puerto Rican David Morales Mix)

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    Daisies (Vera Chytilova, 1966)


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  8. yet another frigging True Detective post, but I’m also secretly using it as an excuse to talk about the French anti-fairy-tale Beautiful Darkness? anyway look at my editor’s skillful photo editing up there

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    The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

    London 2014

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