1. BURTON: frick yes
    2. BURTON: new fem dom uploads
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    Huey (Agnes Varda, 1968)

    Watch in full here.

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    mean muggin space grlz

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  4. "The approach was unpromising. The bus to Cabana Pool Bar swivels through much of Toronto’s east side, down to that abandoned chemical basin called the Port Lands, windows shaking so hard they seem poised to shatter. One of the area’s few remaining industrial installations looms nearby, shipping out cement from the Lafarge terminal. After passing a drive-in theatre, a go-kart course, and the Sound Academy — formerly known as the Docks, forever the worst music venue in the city — I turned the corner and walked onto a 50,000-square-foot patio. ‘Turn down for what!’ someone said, modifying Lil Jon’s rhetorical challenge to a cheery observation."

  5. "There has always been a silent agreement between Grant Morrison comics and Grant Morrison readers that one thing will not be considered in evaluating these grand struggles for the evolution of the superhero concept: that we won’t just elect to go do something else. That we won’t decide that the best way to deal with the problems of superheroes is to stop reading superhero comics. And this I’ve come to see as a narrative fault, because Morrison keeps going on and on and on about evolution, and yet the superhero decades have proven circular in their advancements, so that Nu 52 DC reads quite a bit like Wildstorm circa 1995, and as a result I find myself standing outside, wondering “hey, if nothing really changes, this guy can just position himself, profitably, as a shaman in perpetuity, right?”"

    THIS WEEK IN COMICS! (8/27/14 – 52 is an Artificial Limit, and other obvious statements) | The Comics Journal

    Jog in full beast mode, taking a look at Multiversity #1. In the comments, the book is revealed as what we expected all along: a desperate attempt at David Brothers fanfic.

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    The cinema did not awaken to the glory of superheroes as an Idea, it realized that superhero comics were adaptable to preexisting action/fantasy formulas while allowing for easier franchising returns – and where that money goes, so will those comics owned by Warner Bros. and Disney.”

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    Awesome set of StarScans(rear cover,Progs555-58,2-23Jan’88)featuring the Dark Judges:Fire,Fear,Mortis and of course Death,from oft-forgotten art droid,Garry Leach.

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    drake in the anaconda video and van gogh’s ‘at eternity’s gate’

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    drake crawls through a radiation-scarred desert of cracked clay and decayed metal. his body is corroded, his eyes are dry and bloodshot. he croaks, “worst…” the sun winks out.

  9. rodarte f/w 2014

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    PAOM Summer apparel collection 2014

    Photographer: Branden Collins

    Model: Mairig Fesshaye & Chris Golden

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