1. that’s me in the corner

    that’s me in the spotlight


  2. does anybody know if drake is still alive

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  4. tsunamiwavesurfing:

    i seen someone on here say “daddy spank me like an almost empty ketchup bottle” and since then i just been usin a knife to get the sauce out the bottle

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    1. lars von trier: vagina satan
    2. nerd: deep
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    apprehensive shark would like 2 remind u of a thing

    this reads like a cautionary tale “look what happens when you read homestuck and don’t go outside” 

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  6. watching josie & the pussycats again last night i realized that the villains have roughly the same strategy as buzzfeed


  8. b-a-c-u:

    Laboratory and production building of the MSSR Ministry of Communications, (Now MoldTelecom Building), Chisinau, Moldova
    Architects A. Kireyev, I. Dorofeyev and S. Mukhin.

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  9. Did not regret spending $7 on Star-Prince & The Galaxy Guardians, mostly because it was a rare exception to the dreary colour palettes of so many comic book movies. Anyway, look at those stills from Artists and Models.