1. beyonce:

    The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

    London 2014

    Photo Credit: Robin Harper

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  4. gaws:

    Jil Sander ss11

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  6. tomewing:

    We’re into the second wave of group matches - the standards have been amazing so far and this game looks to be no exception. You can join in voting and listening at any time and hear some really excellent global pop music.

    Also - for the first time in a few weeks I’ve missed my 3-Popular-entries-a-week goal, so I’ve put up a missing year-end poll to fill the gap. http://freakytrigger.co.uk/popular/2014/02/popular-66/ - for those who simply can’t get enough of ticky boxes.

    I’m managing the Cameroon squad and our second track is a banger called “Bom Bom Bom,” what more could you want


  7. my favourite album of the year so far, occasioning some of the worst music writing

  8. douglaswolk:


    The original hand-written Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt, 1974


    Auto-reblog for being one of the greatest influences on me.

    I need a deck where every card says “TAPE YOUR MOUTH”

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  9. snpsnpsnp:


    Susannah Liguori shot by Tyrone Leblon for POP FW 2012

    one of my favorite contemporary editorial images


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  10. "'One thing they don't tell you 'bout the blues when you got 'em, you keep on fallin' cause there ain't no bottom,' sings Emmylou Harris, and she may be right. Perhaps it would help to be told that there is no bottom, save, as they say, wherever and whenever you stop digging. You have to stand there, spade in hand, cold whiskey sweat beaded on your brow, eyes misshapen and wild, some sorry-ass grave digger grown bone-tired of the trade. You have to stand there in the dirty rut you dug, alone in the darkness, in all its pulsing quiet, surrounded by the scandal of corpses."
    — Maggie Nelson, Bluets