1. monetizeyourcat:



    A German mascot dog from World War One, complete with his own jacket and rank button, feldmutze with cockade and his very own Iron Cross Second Class (via)

    can’t believe this fascist dog got 500 notes and my brilliant memes barely get any despite i am neither a fascist nor a dog

    please don’t email me to tell me this dog served in the first world war. i was referring to its postwar career

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  2. johndarnielle:


    The World’s Mightiest Girl rides a butterfly, fuck you if you don’t like it.

    harsh but fair

  3. girlmountain:

    re-imagined cover for BEAR for this feature on HAZLIT. (technically i can now tell people at dinner parties that i have “done a book cover for penguin random house”) thankyou, anshuman iddamsetty.

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  6. morganjeske:

    Happy 30th Anniversary PURPLE RAIN

    Warm-up sketch gone too far. I love Prince and kinda can’t believe I’ve never drawn him until now. Dig if you will…this picture (ohhhhhhhhhhhh)


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  7. frenchcinema:

    L’Année dernière à Marienbad (Alain Resnais, 1961) in color.

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  8. postfurry:

    i’m interviewing for a position as an escort at a furry club. look at this. look at this fucking fake virtual sex office.

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  9. pucci2002:

    naomi @ versace ss 1998

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