2. b-a-c-u:

    Laboratory and production building of the MSSR Ministry of Communications, (Now MoldTelecom Building), Chisinau, Moldova
    Architects A. Kireyev, I. Dorofeyev and S. Mukhin.

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  3. Did not regret spending $7 on Star-Prince & The Galaxy Guardians, mostly because it was a rare exception to the dreary colour palettes of so many comic book movies. Anyway, look at those stills from Artists and Models.

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    Vive L’Amour (Tsai Ming-liang, 1994)

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  5. anamon-book:

    岡崎京子デラックス 月刊キューティ199010月増刊号[ロック]



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  6. finally. a tweet screencapped on tumblr. i’ve mmade it

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  7. "you don’t have a piratical collage? what are you waiting for, nintendo to make one?" - kathy acker, 1992

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  10. If some EC horror comic has a twist, it invariably kinks towards crude Old Testament morality, whereby the sinful will receive appropriate comeuppance. It doesn’t matter how noble or cunning or pleasant a Carroll character is: One of the scariest things about her work is its unsparing fatalism. “I guess it’s a manifestation of my own general guilt unraveling,” she tells me after a pause. “A lot of the characters in my stories already intrinsically feel like they are worthy of punishment: Well, of course it’s going to end up like this. That’s what I get. How dare I reach above my station. How dare I hope I will not be this sad creature.”

    I profiled Emily Carroll for Hazlitt.